Life Chord

by Gusanos (label:mkYENban)

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「Life Chord」
1. days gone by
2. town light
3. the state of dreaming
4. beautiful magic
5. revive
6. crossroads
7. grief and smile
8. from the identity
9. happy ending to you
10. and walk
Regular self-planned events have record sold-outs for many times.
We stick to our position on being a Live-Band and touring across the country from Hokkaido down to Okinawa Prefecture.

We supported the Japan tour of bands from abroad such as SHAI HULUD, COMEBACK KID and Fordirelifesake, played shows with well-known domestic bands like Crossfaith, Cinema Staff and so on.
In the meantime, we are often invited to play shows in events of Pop-Music or Post-Rock while being a hardcore band and this genreless activities have led us to obtain support from wide range of listeners.

Fall of 2015, we released our 1st full album "Life Chord" after 10 years since our band formation while we sold out our two EPs with limited quantity of 1,000pcs each and had taken part in several compilation albums.
Life Chord features the recording engineer Norimasa Inoue, Jizue from the same town of Kyoto and the mastering engineer Alan Douches at West West Side Music, NY who did the tracks for Converge.

We are vigorously in action to express the casual daily scenery emotionally.


released October 14, 2015

Recorded and Engineered by Noriyuki Inoue (jizue) at Studio246 KYOTO
Mixed by Susumu Nagata at Sutudio Cooper
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
Artwork: Koichiro Nishiwaki (SwimmyDesignLab)

Released by mkYENban

Special Thanks to Masakazu Kametani (nervous light of sunday), Akifumi Mochizuki (Endzweck/cosmic note), all the bands which played with us, all the music clubs where we had live performances, and we thank you for supporting us and still reading this liner notes.



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Gusanos (Japan) Kyoto, Japan

We are gusanos, a hard core band formed in Kyoto City in 2004. We restarted our activity on April of 2008, after one and a half year halt due to the member change. Before the halt, we were simply categorized as Lyrical New School Hardcore Band as now we built up a firm originality by incorporating the flavor of Shoegazer, nursery rhyme and Anime songs which are our roots. ... more

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Track Name: town light
Songs will carry even what is not that great.
Everyone can come clean anything with singing.

One day I want you to remember this moment, this song and this smile.
If this song makes someone else smile, my sacrifices start shining.
I’ll be brimful of an indescribable happiness.

The song can’t even warm you up, let alone quench your thirst.
There are lots of people who think spring is terribly far.
All could I do is have plausible phrases for them.
It’s just our small fountain at the moment.
I hope ripples spread from it gradually.

Wishes are scattered by the song.
The lights come on and the song echoes throughout your favorite town.
The pleasure that I can feel in a split second will turn an everlasting memory in my heart.
Songs will go on unless you die.

My small world changes into various stories and returns it to me.
I’m always not ready to answer the interpretation of the song.
Something turns my cheek into red even if we don’t have the same thoughts.

There not only is right but also wrong here.
Let’s let out everything that has been on your mind.

Song is story. It spins a lot of wishes.
Songs will go on.

I wish for such a hi-sounding hope as usual if people living in the future laugh.
I’ll leave my current view with the song.
It’s clearer than the photo.

I’m used to fooling someone and being taken in.
At least I will sing how I really feel.
Track Name: from the identity
I believed that our time is infinite.
In reality, It's not like that.
We clumsily manage to balance our life in busy days.

We have the precious times that we never want to waste,
so we can take a step forward into a northerly wind.
We are slow of foot, but we are approaching our ideal at a time.

We want to brighten it even more than I do.
The shared belief has taken root in our mind.
We never forget youthful days filled with a lot of sounds.

The seeds you sowed will surely put out buds.
Goodbye, got to go now.
We just believe in the future that nobody knows.

The day will come when it will put forth its leaves powerfully.
We must keep lighting it until that time.
Track Name: and walk
It has just begun, so why does the end fit through my mind?
Such a casual question may keep me alive at the moment.

The passage of time differs from one’s to one’s.
We can’t manipulate it at will, let alone other people’s one.
We are always frantically looking for how to iron out the time lag.

All things have to approach the ends some day.
Did I get stronger every time I overcame it?

However hard I struggled against the coming deadline, the seasons rotate quietly.
And I feel like I have been left alone.

Even if you’re acting tough, there is what you can never deceive around you.
I have the reason for being.
But if the meaning of my existence is worthless to me, I decide my course of action.

We sometimes are urged a heartbreaking decision to advance.
Nevertheless, we must go forward.
We can follow the track of our growth only by advancing.
I want to be excited about dreaming of the bright future with any fear and despair.

I want to open up my new direction of the future with hope rather than resignation.
The word “eternity” might be empty but bright memories will never be forgotten.